Friday, 2 October 2015

October 2015 Little Draw 01

So, apparently there's a Thing.  It's called The Big Draw and it's all about drawing in October.

I like to draw.  I don't draw very much.  When I was in Sixth Form and had given up Art as a subject I would, most weeks, do my own version of whatever my sister had been set for her Art homework.  Sometimes I left them in her sketchbook and got marks for them.

These days I don't draw much beyond the odd doodle.  Or measurement diagrams for DIY or dressmaking.  And precious few of those.  But the idea that I could 'just make marks with meaning' rather appeals to me.

So, I shall draw some things in October.  Maybe even as many as one every day.  Maybe not, I'm not always good at that sort of thing.

But I drew something on the first.  Here it is: