Monday, 27 January 2014

Tall Cheats

Over at Already Pretty yesterday, Gracey was sharing some of her 'Tall Cheats' and I am pleased to say that I have employed all of these myself, even at 'only' 5'10.5". Back in the day as a growing teenager I used to shop predominantly at Tall-specific shops, because Long ranges were limited (and still, sometimes not long enough) and Tall barely existed. Then I became an impoverished student (or rather, an insanely frugal student) and started to discover charity shops. At first I stuck with mostly bric-a-brac purchases (and the crockery I bought those 12 years ago is only just being gradually retired as it gets replaced) but eventually someone persuaded me to try on some clothes and I've never looked back.

My major discovery was that skirts are a lot more forgiving than trousers if you are not the height that they were designed for. I still find more skirts and dresses than trousers while charity shopping but my style is generally more skirt-based these days so it's not really a problem. Perhaps I will brew up a 'Charity Shopping while Tall' post at some point, some thing could be marinating at the back of my mind.

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