Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lent 2016 - 40 Acts

So, since Lent is a Thing, and I have been a terribly lax blogger of late, I am going, yet again, to try and get into the swing of it and join the folks at 40 Acts in doing 40 things before Easter.  You get Sundays off, is Tradition.

Today is about circles.  I have sketched mine as suggested.
V. sketchy, back-of-envelope styley.
And what it shows me is that my life is firmly based around Scottish Dance.  Which shouldn't be that surprising, and isn't.  It does emphasise how my family is largely removed from my everyday life.  That's what living 500 miles away and being replaced by foster children will do for a person.  That's what happens when siblings grown up and grow into different life seasons at different rates.  That's what happens when your conservative christian relatives don't know what to do with your same-sex fiancée.

I have been able to keep some friends from our previous church, but only really because we do other things together as well.  Current church is super-supportive.  Friends in other circles are supportive too, even if they can't figure out which name belongs to which of us.

I am also thinking of attempting a buy-nothing Lent, even though I am not prone to much excessive buying, but I haven't figured out the rules yet.

Now to go pray for all my circles and think of ways to practice generosity to them...

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