Friday, 13 February 2015

When is clutter not clutter?...

When it's display...

So, recently I got around to two tasks that had been on my 'to do' list for a while.  That mirror at the top of the photograph?  Yup, that's been leaning against my bedroom wall for about two years.  I have now hung it on said wall (no scrutinising the angle at which it hangs, or its dusty state, please) and no longer have to stoop to see myself in it.

I also managed to nail up two strips of moulding and thereby got six pairs of shoes off the shoe rack in the hallway that was filled to overflowing.  It was a very simple job, and here's how I did it:

  1. Buy 2.5m length of pine moulding
  2. Leave length of moulding leaning in the corner for a while to acclimatise
  3. Keep meaning to get around to putting up that moulding
  4. Finally determine that today's the day
  5. Measure the width of a pair of your shoes - remember to this across the widest part and with the heels a little way apart, I didn't and it's only by sheer luck that each end shoe squeezes on
  6. Assess how many pairs of shoes you will be able to fit in the available space
  7. Take your moulding and saw lengths of (width of shoes) x (number of pairs)
  8. Do a lot of strange holding up shoes and lengths of moulding to figure out how high to put them.
  9. Figure out which nails will be short enough to go all the way into the wall without bending
  10. Position the moulding as levelly as you can (lesser mortals use spirit levels for this sort of thing) and tap in a nail about a quarter of the way in from each end
  11. Hang shoes!

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