Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Two Tents

Yes, that's a terrible camping-related pun.  I apologise.

I have mentioned previously that I am the owner of one half of the magnificent Bell Tent below.
Beautiful tent in the wonderful Comrie woods.
I even, in case you ever decided that you needed to know, explained how to pitch such a magnificent beast.  Well, now it is possible to put that information to good use without welcoming a 30 kilo monstrosity into your life year-round.

Ladies and Gentlebubbles, I give you Rowan Tree Bell Tents.

So we have started an adventure in entrepreneurship, just in case we weren't busy enough already.  My to-do list expands every time I think about it.  Extra tent = extra bunting.  Lending tents to other people = a more organised kitchen system than 'shove it all in a plastic crate'.  Of course, there's a possibility that doing many of these things will lead to more how-to posts and more blogposts in general, but that mostly depends on how reliably I get my camera out!

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