Friday, 7 March 2014

Lent 2014 - Day 3

Flat discipline

Well, last night we ate tortelloni as expected, but I was late home from work due to being a bit dopey and so the additional vegetables went out the window.  I'm fending for myself tonight so I'll have to make up for that.  Probably with some sort of leek-and-root-vegetable stir fry.

Lone discipline

Tried doing this with one hand.  Neither of my hands is steady enough.


Owl tunic (item 5):  Again with the POCKETS.  I love this sale find from a few years ago.  It's comfortable and fits nicely and anyone I know will tell you the colours are so very 'me'
Flare jeans (item 6):  While all the denim on the planet right now seems to be skinny-skinny-skinny I shall hold onto these magnificently flared jeans.  But they are definitely tight at the moment.  I may or may not be using a hairband in this picture to reduce the amount they dig in by.  Not uncomfortably so, but the tunic's not so forgiving when it comes to muffin top and it isn't a look I like.

Footwear:  Tan leather ankle boots - I bought these the day I handed in my PhD.  They were a bit of a bargain too, if my memory hasn't failed me after 3ish years.  They could now do with new insoles and today are desperately in need of a polish.  It's only a matter of time before the wear on the heels becomes too much to work with (and I think they're past saving by a regular shoe repairer as it is)
Accessories:  Arm warmers - I chopped these down from a pair of tights that sprung a hole.  They're a great boon at this time of year because I can wear short sleeves and not freeze.  I'm on of those people who needs their wrists to be warm (and my neck, but today's tunic is just enough protection there) to feel comfortable.  Also, as previously mentioned, I have broad shoulders and long arms so arm warmers bridge the wrist gap sometimes.
Owl watch - you squeeze his ears and his wings spread to tell you the time from his belly.  How good is that!?! Or rather, how good would that be if I'd remembered that he needs a new battery.  Still a pretty pendant in any case.
Shell earrings - made these myself too!  Found some tiny little shells on a beach on Gigha late last summer and turned them into stud earrings.  Made a set of drop earrings and a necklace for my girlfriend's mum for Christmas from the same trip.

This is an outfit I enjoy. It's comfortable while standing and feels tall and strong walking.  There's also a slight '70s vibe which I think means that it will outlive the owl trend, or at least reflects my style rather than just the trend.

One of the interesting thins that I think will come out of this exercise is the identification of the care needs of my clothing and accessories.  Today I'm wearing boots that need two pieces of attention and a watch that doesn't work.  I can fix these.  I guess the fact that I haven't is symptomatic of an attitude of disposability which I have grown up into.  Or perhaps I care less for my clothes when I care less for my body.  Hopefully this lent I will gain a habit of maintaining and caring for my belongings more responsibly.

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