Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Lent 2014 - Days 18 & 19

Lone Discipline

Wearing Day 19

Red cords (item26):  Such bright trousers!  I worry that the bright colour shortens my legs, but it doesn't look like it in these photographs.  I like building outfits full of colour.
White shirt (item 25):  This is a fairly simple shirt that I inherited from a flatmate who moved away.  It's a bit sheer but great for layering or warmer weather.
Waistcoat (item 27):  I used to love wearing waistcoats and should totally get back into that.

Footwear:  Not the possum-fur slippers I am pictured wearing (which are now about 4 years old, mostly bald inside and really should have been replaced long ago).  Actually the nigh-on ubiquitous ankle boots.
Accessories:  Nothing much at all, apart from arm warmers and the flowery scarf.

Wearing Day 18

I dressed for a dance class so wore my knee-length khaki skirt (item 29), orange vest (item 18) and my stripey pink top as an overlayer.  It was all cool and practical stuff.  Then I went home, sat down to read a book after my tea and fell asleep for three hours, which led to a very peculiar interaction with one of the staff at my local Sainsbury's at 9pm when I explained that I was off to do some late night baking.  The cake was good though.

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